The Titans
Richard Grayson soon learned that he wasn't the only teen-age sidekick to a superhero. Speedy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Aqualad found friendship in their shared experiences as partners and adventurers. Through the years the roster has changed, but the Titans will always be there when Nightwing needs them.

After Donna Troy seemingly perished at the hands of a Superman Robot, Arsenal and Nightwing disbanded the Titans and created a new team, the Outsiders. The plan this time was to create a team that specifically was not a family. However, it soon became clear that Nightwing was too moral to lead an underground black-ops team, and eventually Batman returned to lead the team.


Justice League
Nightwing has always been a reserve member of the Justice League. Whenever Batman is unavailable, Nightwing is there to take his place and stand beside the JLA. When the entire team disappeared during the Obsidian Age, Nightwing lead a new team of members until the original was found.

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