After the Flying Graysons were murdered by Tony Zucco, Bruce Wayne saw a kindred spirit in young Richard Grayson. Bruce Wayne made Dick Grayson his ward and sidekick, preparing him to be Robin and Nightwing.


Barbara Gordon
It wasn't long after Batman and Robin started having adventures that Batgirl entered the vigilante business. Richard Grayson and Barbara Gordon have always had a close relationship due to their time spent as crime fighters. Growing up the two often flirted with each other, until the fateful day when the Joker shot Barbara, paralyzing her.

As Oracle, Barbara Gordon supplies intel and support to costumed heroes. She and Nightwing eventually attempted a serious relationship, but have since returned to being flirtatious friends.


Wally West
At the same time as Richard Grayson shed the identity of Robin, Wally West also told his teammates he was no longer going to be Kid Flash. Where as Dick was motivated by a need to grown into a new identity and shed the Robin persona, Wally's powers were slowly killing him. In the end, Wally West went on to recover and take over as the Flash, while Dick Grayson became Nightwing.
Wally and Dick are best friends, and Wally is often seen pretending to be Richard to cover for Nightwing's double life. Wally has also been a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to, and a road trip buddy.

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