Who is Nightwing

Dick Grayson was the only son of the famous Flying Graysons, a husband and wife acrobatic and high wire circus act with Haley's Circus. When he was ten, Dick's parents were killed by the mob when the owner of the circus refused to participate in a protection racket. Dick watched his parents fall to their deaths after a mob man, under the control of Tony "Boss" Zucco, cut their high wire lines during a performance.

Orphaned, Dick was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne, who attended the circus that night, witnessed the murder, and saw a unique combination of pain and suffering in the young boy's eyes that he himself had once possessed. Bruce watched Dick for some time, always struggling with how best to help the boy, until he decided to allow Dick a unique outlet for his pain. You see Bruce Wayne was actually Batman The Dark Knight Detective, Gotham City's infamous masked vigilante. Bruce took Dick under his wing and augmented Dick's own acrobatic prowess, a nearly life long pursuit, with Bruce's own skills that he had aquired in pursuit of becoming the Batman.

Dick became Batman's partner, the first Robin, The Boy Wonder.

After being tested for the roll of Robin, surviving a 24 hour "gauntlet" of challenges without help from anyone, Dick took his rightful place alongside his mentor. Batman, all ready an inner city legend feared by criminals, would also be know as a half of the Dynamic Duo Batman & Robin. With the help of the Gotham City PD the duo would take on all forms of organized crime that plagued the city.

Dick also formed some relationships outside of the Gotham. At Bruce's behest, wishing the boy every opportunity to be a boy, Dick was encouraged to befriend the wards of; Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), & Barry Allen (The Flash). The five of them hit it off and soon became friends as costumed adventurers calling them selves the Teen Titans.

He spent a semester in college for at Hudson University but when it became clear that his street side persuits mattered more to him than those in a book him he returned to Gotham. After a near fatal shooting by The Joker, Batman felt strongly that he could no longer endanger Dick's life. The two split and Dick soon abandoned the identity of Robin and became Nightwing, who would go on to lead the Titans for many years….

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