Ever since his days as Robin, leader of the Teen Titans, Nightwing and Deathstroke have been enemies. The two have fought on many occasions, for many reasons, and even been forced into an uneasy alliance at times. However, their animosity for each other runs deep and whenever Deathstroke the Terminator shows up, Nightwing will be there to stop him

After making a deal with Nero, Blockbuster was able to retain his high intellect as well as his brute strength. He uses these talents to become the new mob boss of Bludhaven. After years of battling with Nightwing, Blockbuster was eventually killed by the new Tarantula.

In his first year as Robin, Dick Grayson met a man named Shrike, a member of the League of Assassins, who was using children to commit crimes. Robin stopped Shrike, but Shrike was killed in the process.
One member of the group, Boone, went on to train in many areas of martial arts in the hopes of getting revenge on Nightwing.

Lady Vic
Lady Vic is an assassin. She was hired by Blockbuster in an effort to keep Nightwing from putting a stop to Blockbuster's schemes in Bludhaven. Nightwing and Lady Vic fought often, but she was never a match for him.

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