The Car

While operating in Bludhaven, up river from Gotham City, Dick kept a garage with an urban stealth machine. While its location is currently unknown, its widely speculated that Nightwing had moved this piece of his Arsenal before the cities destruction.


The Bike

Let's face it, sometimes a car is just isn't going to cut it for a crime fighter. Traffic jams, pedestrians, and criminals who run down alleys can make driving a car a nightmare. And let's not forget what a thrill seeking daredevil Nightwing is at times. When he's not driving around in his stealth machine, Nightwing is on patrol on his motorcyle.

The Wing

And hey, sometimes even a motorcycle isn't going to get the job done. In order to take to the air and really get the drop on criminals, Nightwing began using a rocket powered glider.

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